09 July 2011

Dive in Raja Ampat: the blue paradise of Indonesia

Raja Ampat Islands is 10 best waters for diving sites around the world 
This makes 75% of the world's coral species in Raja Ampat. None of the places with the same area has a number of coral species as much as this.
Best diving raja ampat indonesia
Raja Ampat Islands
If you're looking for the coolest and best diving, Raja Ampat is the answer. This islands have anything you want, crystal eyes waters, best coral, year-round sunshine, dive resort, etc.
diving in raja ampat
The Raja Ampat Islands is a series of four adjacent islands and is located in the western part of the Bird's Head (Vogelkoop) Papua Island. Administratively, this group is under the Raja Ampat regency, West Papua Province. The islands are now a destination for divers who are interested in the beauty of underwater scene. The four islands that became members named by the four largest islands, namely Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Island Batanta.
diving raja ampat islands
Raja Ampat Islands
Raja Ampat Islands waters according to various sources, is one of the 10 best waters for diving sites around the world. In fact, it may also be recognized as number one for the completeness of underwater flora and fauna at this time.

The Raja Ampat Islands is located on the westernmost tip of Papua Island, about 50 miles northwest of Sorong, has the best reef areas in Indonesia. Approximately 450 species of coral had been identified during the two weeks of research in the area.
A team of experts from Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, and National Institute of Oceanography (LON) Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) have done a quick assessment in 2001 and 2002. The result, they noted in these waters there are more than 540 hard coral species (75% of the total species in the world), more than 1,000 species of reef fish, 700 species of molluscs, and the highest record for gonodactyloid stomatopod crustaceans. This makes 75% of the world's coral species in Raja Ampat. None of the places with the same area has a number of coral species as much as this.
diveresortThere are several areas of coral reefs are still very good condition with the percentage of live coral cover by 90%, namely in the Dampier Strait (the strait between P. Batanta and P. Waigeo), Kofiau Islands, Islands and South East Misool Wayag Islands. Types of coral reefs in Raja Ampat is generally fringing reef with gentle slope to steep contour. But it also found the type of atoll and the type of scorched or taka. In some places, such as village Saondarek, when the lowest tides, coral reefs can be seen without a dive and with his own adaptation, these reefs can still be alive despite being in the open air and direct sunlight.

Eviota King
Unique species that can be found at the diving is some kind of dwarf sea horses, wobbegong, and manta stingrays. There are also endemic fish Raja Ampat, namely Eviota king, which is a kind of fish gobbie. At Manta Point supernal Arborek Dampier straits, you can dive in the company of some tail Manta Ray is benign like when you dive in Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan. If you dive at Cape Kri or Chicken Reef, you can be surrounded by thousands of fish. Sometimes a collection of tuna, giant trevallies and snappers. But those tense when we are surrounded by a collection of barracuda fish, even though it's relatively harmless (which is dangerous if we see barracudas solitary or alone). Reef sharks are also frequently seen, and with luck you can also see the turtles were still eating the sponge, or swim around you. In some places, such as Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo also seen Dugong or sea cow.

How to get there
Visiting these islands is not too difficult although it takes considerable time and cost. We can use the airlines from Jakarta to Sorong via Manado during the 6 hour flight. From Sorong-town big enough and quite complete facilities for exploring the Raja Ampat Islands, there are two options, take a tour by boat or stay in the resort pinisi Papua Diving. Although most tourists who come to Raja Ampat is currently the divers, in fact this location is attractive also for non-divers as well as tourists have white sandy beaches are very beautiful, the island chain-nan stunning karst islands and unique endemic flora and fauna like paradise red, paradise Wilson, maleo Waigeo, various parrots and Nuri, couscous Waigeo, as well as various types of orchids.


there are many resorts and cottages in the Raja Ampat Islands, for example on the Misool island there is Misool Eco Resort which provides various facilities and services that make you comfortable and enjoy the holiday. Or the other resorts like Waigo resort and Mayalibit natural resort, so choose your own liking.

happy holiday and welcome to Indonesia