07 June 2011

Surf In Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

If you have plans to visit to Indonesia don't forget to carrying your surfboard because Indonesia has a lot of surf destinations. Bali is a very popular surf destination in Indonesia even one of in the world.

Hold on, our topic is not Bali but Mentawai. Mentawai, is the name of the planet? No it is not....... You try to ask the surfer who is always looking to conquer the waves. They certainly strongly agree Mentawai is a paradise full of treasures.

Mentawai Islands is a district in West Sumatra Province. Mentawai located at a distance of 150 km off the coast of Sumatra Island. District covering an area of ​​601 sq km is occupied by 64,235 people, mostly indigenous people. Mentawai Islands consists of 213 islands with 4 main island of Siberut, Sipora, North Pagai and South Pagai. Old capital is pejat, Mentawai District is divided into 4 districts and 40 villages.
indigenous Mentawai
Mentawai Islands has a long coastline of 758 km and very beautiful like other Indonesian beaches. But, the main potential of the Mentawai Islands are the waves are rolling and well suited to be a place of surfing. Mentawai Islands potential of this began to unfold when in the mid 90's, some surfers from Australia to visit and see the waves that they never would have thought there in the Mentawai. The surfer was eventually disseminate the findings and some of them even founded several beach resorts to serve foreign tourists who want to surf in the Mentawai.
Mentawai's waves
The best time to visit the Mentawai Islands is among April to August which is ideal for surfing. At that time the waves of the Mentawai islands reach 6 meters, of course, are highly sought professional surfers.
surf mentawai
This islands have at least 440 surf spots, 23 points of which have waves an international scale. The area was scattered in the area of ​​Nyang-Nyang, Coral Bajat, Karoniki, Pananggelat and Mainuk (Siberut Island), Katiet Basua (Sipoira Island) and North Pagai (Island Sikakap).
Kanduis wave - mentawaiislands.com
According to mentawaiislands.com the best wave are named kanduis wave with overall ratings 9 / 10 and level of difficulty 10 / 10.

How to get there

From your each country you can travel to Padang and then crossing to Siberut Island (main island of mentawai islands).

Mentawai can be accessed via two routes, both sea and air., Mentawai can be reached by speed boat for 4 hours or inter-island ferry selama10 hours. Also available 46 mini cruise ships that can be rented during his stay in the Mentawai. 

Here are the names of the Ferry is still active to the Mentawai islands:
  1. KM. Sumber Rejeki Baru. From Padang to Siberut Island at Sunday 7.30 am. From Maileppet port (Siberut) at Tuesday 8.00 am
  2. KM. Pulau Simasin. From Padang on Thursdays at, first and second week of each month, departing at 7.30 pm from the same port as above.
  3. AMP. Ambu-ambu that operate to Siberut only twice a month on Thursdays nights at 8:00 from the port Bungus. And from Siberut every Friday at 5.00 pm from the harbor maileppet.
resort in mentawai
Mentawai uma

For you who have plan to stay longer in Mentawai islands, you can rent a resort that scattered in the Mentawai islands. Macaroni in Silabu Island, Kandui in Nyang Nyang Island, Saraina in the City, and Alloyta in Simakakang Island, and Surfing Ground in Katiet. In addition to nuance resort lodging, restaurants, bars, designed typical Mentawai. The other choice is you can stay in uma (name for local house). In addition, you will be satisfied with 60 exclusive waves spots scattered in many corners of the island. Exclusive waves spot is where the surfing is limited to a maximum of 10 surfers. This is to avoid accidents that may occur when surfers collide when in action.

Commonly, Surfers spent their money amount USD 2,500 during surfing in mentawai.

Some tips:

Some Mentawai language vocabulary commonly used.
As anaileoita (hello / how are you doing), tak kuagai (I do not know / I do not understand), masura bagata (thank you), bojoik (sorry). This is very useful to get closer to you with the local people.

In general, the guests who came to sleep in the uma-uma residents.
Try to bring hammocks (custom mosquito nets) to shield when sleeping in rural areas. This is to avoid the invasion of mosquitoes that quite a lot.

Bring cigarettes or tobacco in your trip in the Mentawai.
The goods are very useful in socializing with the Mentawai people you meet, because for the Mentawai people smoking is a "symbol of friendship".
Do not take photos with human objects (especially kerei) without first asking permission to them. Tell to your guide to convey your intention to the object you want the photo. If you do this secretly, if caught you will get tulou (fines). If not caught, usually the object of your photo will not be there at the time the photos you print. Sometimes, to be able to take photographs of the Mentawai residents you have to give them a cigarette or even money (sorry..! habit of asking for money caused by the tourists who visit there and to be able to photograph them, usually tourists give them money).
My recommend that before going to the Mentawai, take anti-malaria drugs and take some points to spare on travel and do not forget to bring equipment P3K, because health care is less in Siberut Island.

Bring enough cash in your journey, because the Inland Siberut no bank.

For more information you can search on go*gle about Indonesia tourist information or visit to indonesia

enjoy your surf trips