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15 October 2011

Kuta Beach - Bali: Sun Bathing and Sunset Beach

Kuta is located in southern Bali that one of the famous tour destination. In the past this location was village of Bali fisherman and then with development of Indonesia tourism especially in Bali, the local resident was begun rent their house as a lodging.

map of legian bali
Legian - Kuta Bali
Now , kuta has developed become famous especially tourist from many country, they came to refreshing, vacation, surfing, just want to watch the sunset, and event sunbathe lie in white sand to make their skin tan. You can find attraction such as Water bom Bali, Bali Slingshot and Bungy Jumping. If you want to visit kuta don’t worry about resort or hotel, because in there you can find many of resort and hotel easily, about the price you can choose suitable your budget.

sunset in kuta beach
Amazing sunset
sun bathing, kuta, bali

The main activities that can be done at Kuta beach is the sunbathing, surfing, and enjoying the beauty of the sunset. You can sunbathe from morning to evening in Kuta beach. Kuta beach sunset is very beautiful.

map of kuta bali
Kuta - Legian Map
How to get there?
From the airport could use a taxi or motorcycle taxi. Try to bid in order to get the best price. But, if you you have reserved a hotel room in Kuta area, there is no harm if you walk to the hotel. To be sure this way is cheaper than using a taxi or rent a car. 

Where will you stay?
There are so many hotels or lodging in Bali from cheap hotels to 5 star hotel, please select themselves in accordance with the budget and facilities that you want. If you love the beach you can stay at hotels in Kuta or Legian. All you notice is the fund, if you you have unlimited funds Please select a hotel near the beach. But if your fund barely then the best option is the Poppies lane.

So, enjoy your holiday

10 October 2011

Bali Travel Tips

Below is a list of travel tips for anyone who has never traveled to Bali before. I hope this information will assist you in being prepared and make sure you have an enjoyable holiday on the island of gods.

Bedugul Bali
  1. Prepare U.S. $ 25 per person for the visa. You pay for this on arrival at Denpasar's Ngurah Rai International Airport and allows you to stay in Bali for a maximum of 30 days.

  1. Try not to bring too many clothes. You do not have to worry about lack of a change of clothes. Clothing in Bali is very cheap and I make sure that your luggage will be more severe when the home. Toiletries etc., can be purchased at the Mini Mart on the contrary bring personal items for women and sunscreen is quite expensive in Bali.

  2. Bring a map or ask questions at the travel agency. While there are now GPS, but not all places in Bali GPS excluded. So better bring a map so you do not get lost.

  3. Make sure you go to an Authorised Money Changer or if necessary change your money in the bank, do not hand over your money until you have counted the money they have given you and make sure you get a receipt.

  4. Bring cash, credit cards will not help much as most places in Bali does not serve the credit card. If you decide to withdraw cash at ATM, maximum withdrawal is IDR 1,200,000 (USD 133). 

  5. No need to worry about accommodation. Bali provides a wealth of accommodation ranging from cheapest to most expensive, the choice is up to match you with your vacation budget.

  6. No need to worry about transportation. Bali there are also rental bikes and cars with a fairly cheap price. Simply by IDR 50000-200000 you can visit attractions around Bali. The requirement is also not hard enough to leave a copy of your ID card and pay in advance an agreed tariff.

  7. You should always offer any transaction, whatever it is. Bargaining at the lowest possible price or bargain for half the price, you should get a maximum of 75% of the initial price. A little advice from me, if the seller does not seem to agree a plea bargain, to pretend no longer interested in the stuff and leave the seller, the seller about three steps it will call you and agree with your bid. This suggestion is almost certainly succeed to any place in Indonesia.

  8. No need to worry about eating outside the restaurant, so much good food outside the restaurant with cheaper prices. No need to doubt about the hygienic, Balinese food is very tasty and of course spicy enough for your tongue like most of Indonesia's famous food full of flavor and spicy.

  9. If you get lost do not be ashamed to ask, bali people can speak english well, they will kindly help you. Not only free, but you will get a bonus of a sincere smile of the Balinese people.

  10. You will not get the goods of modern and sophisticated in Bali. Holidays in bali like going back to nature and back into the past. You will get a natural atmosphere and traditional in Bali. Attractions dance and arts are very dominating in Bali. Of course the most famous beaches.

That's all tips and information about Bali from me. Please come to Bali and you will feel in another world you've never encountered anywhere in the world. But Indonesia is not only Bali, many places in Indonesia are more cool and unique than in Bali.