10 June 2011

Travel tips: Do's and Don'ts in Indonesia

Indonesia has some of the traditions and customs and it is best if you know them before. Some of them are:

Although shaking hands is considered appropriate between men and women, remember that some Muslim women prefer to introduce themselves to men by nodding his head, smiled, and clasped their hands without physical contact.

Traditionally, when you greet someone, use both hands when shaking, without grasping.

Shoes must be taken from before entering the home or place of worship like mosques.

Usually drinks offered to guests. It is polite to accept.

When eating, receiving or giving something, always use your right hand. The right index finger should not be used to indicate places, things or people. Use right hand thumb and finger fold is left to more polite.

Taking photos of a house of worship is allowed, but permission must be asked first if possible, especially if you want to take pictures of the interior.

Most Muslims in Indonesia do not consume alcoholic beverages and pork.

Therefore, the tradition of proposing a toast to honor someone is generally not known.


Plan your budget and choose your destination carefully. Indonesia is a large-area each have their own habits and possibilities. For example, if you plan to have some adventure in the rugged terrain, are encouraged to come in the dry to rainy season might make your muddy road.
Make sure you find as much information as possible about Indonesia, especially regarding visas.

Having enough ready cash, usually U.S. $ are preferred. This can easily be exchanged at airports, hotels, banks or money changers leading. Customs may ask you to show how much money you carry.

Dress enough. If you are female, make sure you dress accordingly. minimal clothing in public places, saved from the beach and swimming pool, can guarantee the unwanted attention.