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27 January 2011

Visiting Kilometer Zero of Indonesia

Kilometre "zero" (0) the western part of Indonesia in the area of ​​Ujung Ba `U, Kota Sabang, Aceh.

kilometer zero of Indonesia, Sabang Weh island Indonesia
Monument kilometre "Zero" is a building with a height of 22.5 meters circular barred. Part monument was painted white and the top of the circle narrows as the drill bit.

23 January 2011

Selamat Datang di Nusantara

Nusantara is another word for mentions of Indonesia. Nusantara is a term used to describe the archipelago stretching from Sumatra to Papua. This word was first recorded in Middle Javanese literature (the 12th century until the 16th), to illustrate the concept of state adopted Majapahit

Indonesia's territory consists of land and sea. Indonesia has 13,000 islands, either already given a name or no name. Indonesia has five major islands, Papua, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Celebes.

01 January 2011

Aceh Tourism Information

  1. Tourism Office
  2. Hotel and Accommodation - click to download - pdf
  3. Travel Agency - click to download - pdf
  4. Maps - click image to enlarge
    Banda Aceh tourism map
    Sabang Tourism map