30 March 2011

Iboih Marine Park

Iboih is a coastal tourist area in the town of Sabang, Pulau Weh, NAD. Besides Iboih, Gapang Beach also a favorite area for recreation. Enchantment in Iboih wonderful scenery as it is open sea waters flanked by the Straits of Malacca and the Indian Ocean.

Iboih Marine Park also known as Rubiah Marine Park because the location was in the waters of Rubiah Island.
If you are planning to Iboih and Rubiah, the route is: From Sabang, marine park is located about 23.5 kilometers (km) to the west, can be reached by land, or about 7 km using a motor boat. For the first time to Banda Aceh and want to use the ocean route could to the port of Ulee Lheue. There are two options of ferry, fast ferry and standard ferry. Fast ferry have two time departures, whereas standard ferry only one departure.

In addition to sea route, you can use land rute that need an hour using minibus.

The location of the Iboih marine park neighboring the Village Iboih . The water area covering 2600 hectares (ha) around the Rubiah island, Indonesian government has designated as a special nature reserve. The waters around the Iboih marine park is relatively quiet and very crystal clear. Visibility to 25 m below sea level.
For fans on diving and snorkeling, Iboih beach or the marine is appropriate choice. A calm sea and crystal clear view even distance can reach 25 meters below sea level and distance of the coral reefs just 5 meters from the beach. It is really pamper divers and snorkeling enthusiasts, right?

Iboih beach have many cottages which about Rp 150.000/ night.