15 October 2011

Kuta Beach - Bali: Sun Bathing and Sunset Beach

Kuta is located in southern Bali that one of the famous tour destination. In the past this location was village of Bali fisherman and then with development of Indonesia tourism especially in Bali, the local resident was begun rent their house as a lodging.

map of legian bali
Legian - Kuta Bali
Now , kuta has developed become famous especially tourist from many country, they came to refreshing, vacation, surfing, just want to watch the sunset, and event sunbathe lie in white sand to make their skin tan. You can find attraction such as Water bom Bali, Bali Slingshot and Bungy Jumping. If you want to visit kuta don’t worry about resort or hotel, because in there you can find many of resort and hotel easily, about the price you can choose suitable your budget.

sunset in kuta beach
Amazing sunset
sun bathing, kuta, bali

The main activities that can be done at Kuta beach is the sunbathing, surfing, and enjoying the beauty of the sunset. You can sunbathe from morning to evening in Kuta beach. Kuta beach sunset is very beautiful.

map of kuta bali
Kuta - Legian Map
How to get there?
From the airport could use a taxi or motorcycle taxi. Try to bid in order to get the best price. But, if you you have reserved a hotel room in Kuta area, there is no harm if you walk to the hotel. To be sure this way is cheaper than using a taxi or rent a car. 

Where will you stay?
There are so many hotels or lodging in Bali from cheap hotels to 5 star hotel, please select themselves in accordance with the budget and facilities that you want. If you love the beach you can stay at hotels in Kuta or Legian. All you notice is the fund, if you you have unlimited funds Please select a hotel near the beach. But if your fund barely then the best option is the Poppies lane.

So, enjoy your holiday